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Jan 28, 2013 9:00am EST
defensive and called it a smear. he thought motorola and google were trying to undermine him. and he used some pretty rough language. he said, you know, the f bomb, this is not worth fighting. he said there was only 1% of customers and all this and that, is, you know, the fact that they had some problems with the maps, and the iphone 5. any innovative company has setbacks like this, simon. >> jeff, one question, though. you teach management. so when you have young kids learning business management at yale, do you tell them that when they run a business one day, they should have a third of their market cap in cash? is that a smart way to run a business? >> you know, when you are in this volatile of a business, it's unusual. it's an extraordinary amount of cash. yes, there certainly is a lot of speculation about there being some sort of dividend opportunity. but there also could be amazing opportunities for acquisitions. you know, you have a non-visionary ceo, people love to draw the parallels to edison and steve jobs. does anybody watching this show have any idea of who folded i son, who b
Feb 1, 2013 9:00am EST
see a sharp drop in federal defense spending and big inventory swing. those are factors that caused us to have a small negative gdp growth last quarter. i think particularly the federal defense spending is a harbinger of what might happen if the sequester takes effect. the cuts that no one wants to see happen, would restrain government activity, would be harmful for the economy. we'd like to have a smarter approach to relieve the sequester. >> so finally, in your view, was that just a taste of what another sequester could be like? >> well, as you know, the sequester hasn't started. and we have made proposals to congress to eliminate the sequester. the sequester can certainly have a significant impact on the economy. what we saw in the fourth quarter gdp report was just a big effect on defense spending. >> right. >> possibly advanced planning because of sequester by private contractors and other factors going on. the sequester would also affect nondefense spending, and that could also have a significant impact op the economy. >> dr. krueger, appreciate your time on a busy day, for you a
Jan 30, 2013 9:00am EST
quarter gdp number. the drop in federal defense spending is likely due to the fears of the automatic spending cuts that have been looming in the fourth quarter as congress was dealing with the fiscal cliff issues. the white house also saying economic indicators can be volatile. similar to what jim has said, this could be a one off. we'll bring you more commentary as that comes across. carl? >> melissa, thanks. in the meantime, there is irony in the fact that r.i.m.'s blackberry 10 launch is taking place in the city named the big apple. up next, what's at stake for r.i.m. as we count down to the big unveiling. as we go to break, look at this morning's early movers. we'll be right back. >>> a mock video made squarely at developers, trying to convince them a new device was on the way and a new operating system. four months later we're in new york city, jon fortt and i talking about the launch of the blackberry 10, which will happen in the next 15 minutes. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we've had discussions this morning about how it behoove them to lower expectations. >> yes,
Jan 31, 2013 9:00am EST
. we talk sequester here, it looks to me like we're asking a program defense that gets about 20% of all the budget to take about half the cuts. now, as wild as that sounds, you need to start somewhere, and it's never going to be an easy process. are you for the sequester as it currently stands, if that's all the spending cuts that you're going to be able to put on the table? >> i would much prefer to find a more reasonable way to do it. doing across the board cuts is the wrong way. if this is the only way question get the president and the senate to agree to reducing spending it's all we've got so at this point the worst thing that can happen we continue to spend out of control and have no plan to bring it down. if this is the only option we have, it's the only option we have. >> is there a cohesiveness with the republican party, the fiscal conservatives they'll walk this all the way through to the end? do you see any surprises and how do you think the president and the opposing party, the democrats, will respond to the strategy of sequesters? >> a lot of you get a chance to check this
Jan 29, 2013 9:00am EST
switching from the pc would arrive at. and therefore, it almost looks defensive, apple, that they should come in and match where microsoft is with its range. >> interesting. david, we talked about this, it appears to be framed in more of an industrial -- >> yeah, they need to view film, presentations. this is an ipad. 128 gigs. >> that's a lot of memory. >> think of all the movies you can store on that baby, right? >> yeah. >> his eyes light up. >> study film for the next big football games. >> that's a key market. huge growing market, football. let's bring in jon for this. is this the mead dl mover? >> maybe a little bit of a needle mover. i think the most important thing is, apple is probably still the top buyer of manned flash in the world. so when they add a high-end, you know, like this that has a bunch of flash, it's really added to their margins, which i think investors would be interested in. not clear exactly what percentage of the ipad buyers go for that higher end skew. but there are some people out there who just say, give me the nicest one you have. in this case when people
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5